Turn YouTube videos into articles in 5 minutes

Turn YouTube videos into articles in 5 minutes

How do we turn videos and podcast episodes into multiple social media posts and well-written articles? These features help remove the barriers for content creators. Let's take a peak the platform that does it al:

Long-form videos are a great vessel for delivering information to a target audience. Many thought leaders and other content creators use them to create how-to videos, deep-dive videos, listing helpful tools, and many other engaging content pieces. Repurposing long-form videos and audio can be very beneficial. As was explained in “Content repurposing — The why”, you can break them down into many other content pieces to post on social media and other content distribution platforms.

The downside is that it is a really difficult material to change into a different kind of content. It’s too long to post it on social media platforms as is, contain a lot of information that must be rephrased or summarized to create a textual content piece out of it, and sometimes have a lot of fluff that must be removed if we don’t want to upset the SEO gods.

Lucky for us, there is a way to turn videos into many social media posts and articles in 5 minutes of work, in just 6 quick steps.

Step 1

Copy the link that leads to your video. Most videos are published on Youtube, so it’s pretty easy (See photo). If it’s not on Youtube, just load it into any public source online and copy the URL that leads to your video.

From Yotube.com — Share a video

Step 2

Paste the URL (link) of the video or the video in the form on getmunch.com. You can choose one of many transformation options for your video. Here is a (partial) list:

  • Turn podcasts into blog posts.
  • Turn videos into articles.
  • Turn podcasts into Twitter threads.
  • Turn Videos into LinkedIn posts.
  • Turn videos into Facebook posts.
  • Turn videos into blog posts.
  • Turn videos into Quora posts.
  • Turn videos into Reddit posts.
  • Make textual highlights out of a video.
  • Extract impactful snippets out of a podcast.
From getmunch.com — signup form

Step 3

Munch’s AI generates a repurposed piece of content from the original video or audio you submitted in the previous step. The new piece will include everything needed to post, including photos and platform-appropriate formatting. If this is your first time using the service, you will be notified via email when your content piece is ready to be published. If you’ve previously used Munch, you can log in to manage your repurposed content and distribution to social media platforms, among other things.

Notice: There is a waiting list for the service, so be patient!

Step 4

Review the draft that Munch created. In most cases, it’s ready for distribution and you would want to post it immediately. In some cases, it will require five more minutes of editing to suit your needs and impact intention. Munch makes it easy by suggesting editing tips and focus points based on data, so you wouldn’t be required to do any heavy lifting and create engaging content easily.

Step 5

Once the piece is ready, you can post it on the right platform and get viewers, readers followers.

Step 6

Done! Here’s a great way to take one piece of content and create a lot more content to post on Medium, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, your website, or anywhere else you want to reach your audience.

Repurposed content distribution options on getmunch.com

To conclude

Content creators plan their videos and audios with a particular distribution platform in mind. It can be difficult to re-use or re-purpose these content pieces on other distribution platforms. Here is where Munch steps in. Munch enables you to create content in the format you prefer and with your preferred distribution platform in mind, and then automatically transform that piece so that it can be used on a variety of other platforms.

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