Powerful Social Media Clips, Backed by Data

Leverage content-specific marketing data based on current trends to optimize your SEO strategy, and cut the guessing game from your video marketing strategy.

Deepen Your Content Strategy

Get precise analysis of how trending your clips are going to be, based on what’s seen and heard in your video.

Mind-Widening Insights

Our AI technology gathers relevant trending marketing data from your uploaded content and uses that to generate clips. Easily view the data in the charts and graph at the top of the project.

From Spoken Word to Keyword

Explore the unique trending keywords and topics showcased in each clip. 
Utilize this data to confidently select the most optimal clip for your needs.

See It and Believe It

Our charts and graphs are synced to the clips. Click through the data to see what clips are relevant to that specific insight.

Join The Content Revolution!

Put your existing content to work with Munch.

Infuse your Video Marketing with Data

Munch extracts 1000s of data points from your video, making sure what you’re getting are the clips with the highest probability to trend. All you need to do is publish.

Auto-compiled insights

Utilizing deep analysis of search and trend data directly from Google, Meta and TikTok ensures success on all platforms

Visual data

No technical or analytical skills needed - all the data is visual, straightforward, easy to understand and operate.

Clip-specific data

Each clip is presented with its respective data and trending score, based on the unique content, brands and keywords mentioned in it.

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