Edit Long Form Videos to Social Clips In Minutes

Get dozens of clips, cropped to perfection with automatic subtitles, made instantly from just one long video

Save Hours Creating Clips with AI-Editing

Munch’s cutting-edge AI will pick the parts of your video, and present you with the clips that has the highest potential to go viral.

Finding the Ideal Clip

Munch’s AI extracts the specific clips that will perform at their peak on your destination platform, and will factor everything from expressions, tone of voice, to objects and brands.

Cropped for Platform Perfection

Your content will be adjusted to best fit the aspect ratio of where you’re going to publish it. Making sure the action, object or speaker are always at the center of the frame.

Subtitles - Sorted

Clips come with built in subtitles which can be adjusted, edited and corrected. They can be customized to fit your brand and support over 15 languages.

Focus on Creating, not Editing

Cut dozens of viral clips from your long video and grow your online presence.

Powerful AI Editing Features

Get the most our of your generated clips, and unlock editing capabilities that will save you time, hassle and money.

Customizable Subtitles

Introduce your brand with colors, highlights, fonts and styles.

Adjustable Timeline

Add or remove footage to your clip, making sure it’s clear and coherent

Manual Cropping

Achieve maximum precision by adjusting the cropped frame to fit the content ideally.


Toggle a contextual title that will appear across the clip


Add your logo and brand colors to any clip


Rerun your project with different settings

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