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Munch allows you to create once.
Repurpose to Dozens of pieces on every platform.
Analyze engagement. Control Monetization.
All On One Platform.

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Extract the most engaging moments from your videos and create smart auto-cropped social clips

Turn your video into a well-written and engaging blog and social posts

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Control Your Monetization

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Munch helps a varied array of creators that wish to enlarge their followership, engagement, reach, and eventually monetization

With the help of Munch, we can maximize our revenue and not leave any money on the table
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Nuseir Yassin @NasDaily
Using Munch I turn my YouTube videos to blog posts and other sharable content across multiple platforms. Now I have more time to do things like writing, creating, crafting, and traveling
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Sara Quiriconi
Works like a charm. I love how simple it is for me  to create social posts that increase my reach
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Cheff Mike Moses