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Join us in democratizing the internet for creators with AI-based, cross-platform multimedia, human-like content publishing.

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Unleash the power of AI to turn your video and audio content into human-like posts and increase followership, reach, and engagement.

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Wait, How Do I Munch?

 Blog Posts

Create blog posts on your blog/CMS platform


Extract highlights to posts 


Break your content down to tweets and threads


Create several short posts

Munch It.

So, What Can We Do With Your Video And Audio Content?


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Now, Can We Munch It?

How Does It Actually Work?

Paste a link to your video or audio

Sit back. Our AI turns it into a content piece of your choice

That's it actually. Your content is formatted, filled with images, tags, and SEO'd to perfection.

Munch posts it to your preferred platforms. Now get ready to deal with all the new followers, subscribers, listeners, viewers, or readers. Good luck with that.






Ready? Set. Paste.

Scott Ritchie

I genuinely can't believe I worked without it. I reach more audiences because of it and I save hours. 

Cheff Mike Moses

Works like a charm. I love how simple it is for me  to create blog posts that increase my reach

One Piece Of Content,

Turned Into Dozens.

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