3 Ways to Present in a Live Webinar

3 Ways to Present in a Live Webinar

A key tenant of building your brand online, especially if you’re a motivational speaker or coach of sorts, is live events. While the videos you make obviously matter, live events present a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in real time.

One tried and true method for live events is the webinar. Short for web seminar and, naturally, conducted over the internet, the webinar is the perfect tool to host a virtual interview, a conference, a lecture, a workout class, or even a meet and greet.

Given the fact that webinars happen in real time, the production process is different from that of a regular video, not to mention a little more stressful, as it’s not as easy or possible to simply edit errors and snafus out. As a result, there’s a myriad of software specializing in webinar development in order to help you navigate this form of media.

While webinars may be difficult, they ultimately prove themselves to be very valuable in terms of engagement. So, here are three different platforms that Munch has located to help you plan and execute your next (or first!) webinar.  

  1. LiveWebinar

Photo from LiveWebinar

Given the pretty direct name, it’s easy to assume just what it is that LiveWebinar does. But, even a quick glance at its website will reveal the trove of features inside. Perhaps its best feature, of course, is that there’s a free plan option. Other plans range from $17.99 per month (Pro plan) to $143 per month (Business plan).

Features include the ability to share your screen in real-time with others (à la Zoom), as well as the capacity to livestream your recording to numerous social media and streaming platforms, from YouTube to Facebook to Vimeo.

Beyond this, LiveWebinar offers customizable templates designed to make your webinar look polished and professional. And, the platform has a built-in whiteboard for any necessary annotations that may arise mid-webinar.

Worried about engagement? LiveWebinar also allows users to keep viewers from getting distracted with their poll and survey features, not to mention the live chat and capacity to link your webinar to any products you may be promoting or advertising. Overall, though a little rudimentary, LiveWebinar is a great service for beginners, especially considering there’s no cost commitment.

  1. Livestorm

Photo from LiveStorm

With over 900 reviews and 4.7 star rating (out of 5), Livestorm is another webinar often lauded for its user interface and efficiency. Users include the likes of Verizon, Sony, Dolby, and other high-profile, large companies.

Just like LiveWebinar, Livestorm offers a basic, free plan, along with a set of other paid plans that offer longer sessions, the capability to have more online attendees, a higher standard of customer support, etc. The Pro plan is $88/month, and the Business and Premium plans’ pricings are available at request.

Amenities of the free version, for those who may be starting out and can’t afford something costly, include software for webinars and virtual events and meetings, as well as the ability to automatically run your webinars given the platform’s automated webinar and on-demand webinar features. In sum, you get all the same features with the free version as you do with the paid plans; you just get a little more out of them when you pay.

  1. Zuddl

Photo from Zuddl via Facebook

Last but not least in our roundup of webinar software is Zuddl, a platform that proudly advertises its customizable nature. With the intent of allowing its users to build their own brand, Zuddl offers customizable widgets, templates, landing pages, and even a customizable virtual stage to its constituents. All of these features help Zuddl’s virtual events exude both professionalism and individuality.

Additionally, Zuddl provides detailed and thorough data analysis of each event you produce, an AI-based smart networking system that is designed to keep viewers and listeners continually engaged, and if that wasn’t enough to keep people tuned in, the gamification of your webinars.

With intense security measures designed to maintain your privacy, the ability to seamlessly manage hybrid events, and integration with companies ranging from YouTube to Vimeo to Paypal, it’s no wonder that Zuddl is trusted by HSBC, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, and countless others.

Understandably, Zuddl is a little pricier. Plans start at $2000, so it may be time to open up that piggy bank and check under couch cushions for the occasional loose penny.


While live webinars are definitely important, they’re a large undertaking. If you don’t have the right amount of time to adequately plan and prepare for one, its execution may be sloppy, which is arguably worse than having no webinar at all. Remember that everything you publish online is representative of your ability. Posting or doing something half-baked will be something that people recall.

If you feel like you’re pressed for time and don’t know where to find those extra hours, look no further than Munch! Our AI software scans your long-form content (i.e., Youtube videos) for the most engaging sections and turns it into short-form content (i.e., TikToks) at zero cost, saving you time and energy. Get going and get Munch!

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