The #1 Vidyo AI Alternative

The #1 Vidyo AI Alternative

Discover Munch - The #1 Alternative To Vidyo AI

As you may know, Vidyo AI helps content creators make social media clips from long videos, specifically podcasts. However, not everyone is satisfied with the platform for a few reasons: On the free plan, caption options are limited, it doesn’t cut out silence or fillers, and manual clip adjustments are challenging. If you’ve experienced these issues too, you may be looking for an alternative. So what are some Vidyo AI alternatives that offer more customization when it comes to clip coherency and editing? Keep on reading to find out.

What is the #1 Vidyo AI alternative?

There are many video editing software alternatives to Vidyo AI, but the best alternative (in my opinion) is Munch. In this article, I’ll compare the differences between Vidyo AI and Munch, the top three value-added features Munch offers (like coherence score), and five other alternatives both free and paid to help you find the right AI video editing software for your business.

Comparing Vidyo AI vs. Munch:

When comparing Vidyo AI vs. Munch, Munch offers a few unique benefits regarding clip coherence, trending SEO score, and clip extending or trimming. This chart provides a full overview of how Vidyo AI and Munch compare. 

Munch Vidyo AI
AI viral analysis Yes Yes (Pro)
Coherence score Yes No
Trending SEO score Yes No
Keyword analytics Yes No
Topics mentioned Yes No
Social post generation Yes Yes
YouTube shorts Yes Yes
Languages supported 17 4
Custom fonts Yes Yes
Social media scheduler No Yes
Title font editing Yes Yes
Automated captions Yes Yes
Animated captions Yes Yes
Trim & extend clips Yes Yes
Video resolution 720p 1080p
Re-do editing Yes No
YouTube Integration Yes Yes
Brand templates Yes Yes

Better coherence, SEO optimization, and clip customization 

  1. Coherence score
    While being able to create short videos fast is a benefit, each video needs to make sense. That’s what Munch’s coherence score offers. By analyzing your long-form videos for context, Munch picks out the key moments that tell the story in an engaging and easy-to-follow way. If you’re not happy with the video edit, you can opt to re-do editing and see another version, just like you would with a production studio.

  1. Trending SEO score
    Any content creator or business owner wants their videos to get views. Video SEO is one way to achieve that. Video SEO allows you to reach a wider audience by appearing on Google’s search results. By optimizing your video content based on your trending SEO score, you can help your video rank high when people search for related topics. That way potential customers and viewers will click on your video instead of your competition.

  1. Better clip customization
    Once your video is edited, you may want to make adjustments. With Munch, you can easily trim or extend your video clips, use custom fonts, and edit your titles. Even if you need to do a little editing at the end, you’ll still be saving hours having AI do most of the work. Besides, there’s nothing worse than seeing a small change you want to make, but not being able to do it because the customization options are too limited. 

Top 3 paid Vidyo AI alternatives in 2024 

  1. Munch
    Munch analyses the most important and engaging moments from your long-form videos and edits them down into shareable clips. Where Munch stands out against Vidyo AI is its ability to understand the context of each moment, so that clips are coherent. Offering a trending SEO score helps your videos gain visibility on search engines and beat out competitor links. 

  1. Klap
    Much like Vidyo AI, Klap turns long-form videos into short clips with AI. A few features that Klap offers in comparison to Vidyo AI are auto reframing, full customization, unlimited storage, and support for up to 52 languages (while Vidyo AI only offers 4 languages).

  2. Opus Clip
    Opus Clip repurposes long videos into multiple short clips using generative AI. Some of its top features include an AI virality score, AI prompts, an AI B-roll, and active speaker detection. New users can try out the platform for 7 days free, which includes 90 minutes of video processing.

Top 3 free Vidyo AI alternatives in 2024 

  1. takes the best moments from your videos and turns them into short clips so you can grow your channel. What’s great about is that it has center-stage facial tracking, unlimited high-quality exports, and brand presets. On a free plan, you get access to all the features and 30 minutes of AI video analysis per month.
  2. is a video content generation platform that cuts ready-to–share videos for maximum engagement. A few standout features include repurposing videos into eBook and blogs, localized dubbing, and prompt-based video generation. With Glossai, you get two free repurposed videos to see if you like the platform before going premium.

    Pictory offers easy video creation for content marketers using the power of AI. can also help you turn other content into videos like scripts, blog posts, Zoom calls, team webinars, and podcast recordings into short branded videos for social media.

Need an alternative to Vidyo AI? Try Munch

It’s no surprise that many content creators, marketers, and business owners are looking for faster ways to edit videos. When looking for an alternative to Vidyo AI, there are tons of options. While some tools offer active speaker detection, virality scores, and unlimited high-quality exports others offer localized dubbing and prompt-based video generation. 

More importantly, you might want to consider a few features that help with clarity, search discoverability, and video customization and that’s exactly what Munch offers. Munch’s coherence score, trending SEO score, and clip trimming are unmatched by Vidyo AI. By opting for Munch, you can access innovative video editing features, reliable storytelling, and excellent clip customization, making it the preferred alternative to Vidyo AI for growing your business and extending your online reach.

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