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How to Turn Your Youtube Videos Into A Blog Post

How to Turn Your Youtube Videos Into A Blog Post

It can take hours of your day just to create video content. The thought of having to sit down and write about the topic you just discussed is challenging. We developed a way for you to automatically convert that YouTube video into a blog post.

SEO is becoming more competitive, making it more difficult for small content creators to rank organically. However, if you find ways to properly leverage your content, you might just find yourself in the suggested columns.

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Content is being consumed by people from all over the world. Readers contribute to the consumption of content. It would be wise to create content for an additional audience in addition to your current viewers. However, the prospect of creating more content is daunting. What if we told you we could create that content for you automatically?

Youtube Videos Into Blog Posts

Munch began as an idea and has since evolved into a functional tool, designed to assist overwhelmed and burned-out creators such as yourself. We want to assist you in monetizing your content and reaching a larger audience than you could have imagined. Part of this is accomplished by automatically converting your YouTube videos into written content. With keywords and engaging parts of your video converted into written text, Google and other popular search engines are going to LOVE your content! So, how do we do it? 

Step One: Copy the URL of Your Youtube Video 

To begin, choose a video to convert into a blog post. You must ensure that it meets the blog post requirements! You want it to be well-structured, with interesting talking points. The Forbes list, The 8 Essential Elements of a Successful Blog Post, can help you determine whether your video would work well as a repurposed blog post. Our AI uses the transcript to generate not only paraphrased text but also engaging headlines, screen grabs, and external links about the topics you discuss in your video.

Step Two: Head Over to Munch and Submit Your Youtube Link

Now that you know your videos will repurpose well, head over to our website to sign up. You’ll be directed to your own personal dashboard where you can connect your Youtube account. Simply choose which videos you want to repurpose and voila! Now you wait for your new creations. We even have an editor that you can go into to edit text, and insert photos, etc. After that, you can post directly to your desired platform. 



The number one issue that content creators face is figuring out how to monetize their work. Optimizing that content is one of the best solutions. By repurposing videos into blog posts, you are now catering to readers as well as viewers! Our users have discovered that when they create one piece of content, they now have multiple pieces of content, allowing them to spread their brand and name to a larger audience. So what are you waiting for? Get munching!

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