New Munch Features: Safezones, Title Overlay, Publish Manager & more

New Munch Features: Safezones, Title Overlay, Publish Manager & more

Announcing Exciting New Features: Enhancing Your Video Creation Experience with Munch

At Munch, we're committed to continually evolving our platform to meet the needs and challenges of business owners, marketers, creators and media professionals. Today, we're thrilled to introduce a suite of new features designed to elevate your video creation experience and streamline your workflow. From enhanced editing capabilities to improved user management tools, these updates are poised to revolutionize how you repurpose and manage your video content.

Video Creation Features

Platform “Safe Zones”

Ensuring your videos are optimized for various platforms is paramount to their success. With our new "Safe Zones" feature, you can now preview how your clips will appear on destination platforms, complete with interface elements such as subtitles and key elements. By making necessary adjustments before publishing, you can ensure your content stands out and engages your audience effectively.

HOW: In the Edit Clip > Click on Safe Zones (above the timeline) > Choose the platform > adjust the subtitles accordingly


Context is key when it comes to engaging your audience. Our new Autotitles feature allows you to toggle a fixed headline that appears throughout your clip, providing larger context and improving coherency. Customize the headline to set expectations, tease upcoming content, or deliver essential information seamlessly.

HOW: In the Edit Clip page > Auto Title (T icon on the left side of the screen) > Toggle On > Edit and customize as you wish

Publish Directly to YouTube Shorts

Short-form content is on the rise, and we're making it easier than ever to tap into this growing market. With our new integration, you can now publish directly to YouTube Shorts, complete with relevant titles and tags. Simplify your publishing process and reach your audience where they are.

HOW: Connect your YouTube account to Munch > Click Export Clip from anywhere > Select YouTube Shorts > Make sure the details are correct.

Management Features

Publish Manager

Managing your content pipeline is now simpler with our dedicated "Publish Manager" tab. Track clips intended for publishing, perform quick actions such as export or edit, and set reminders to publish—all from one centralized location. Take control of your content strategy with ease.

HOW: Star the clips you’d like to export and track > Click on the Pubish Manager icon in the left > Click “Add all starred clips”

New Account Page

Empowering users with greater control over their accounts is a top priority for us. Our redesigned account page allows you to change billing details, download invoices, change passwords, and manage plan-related actions seamlessly. Enjoy enhanced account management capabilities at your fingertips.

HOW: Click on User settings (Top right corner) > Account

Enhanced Experience

Clip Extension (Pro users only 👑)

Fine-tune your content with precision using our new "Clip Extension" feature. Extend the content buffer on either side of your clips beyond what was selected by Munch, providing greater flexibility and control over clip length and content. Perfect your videos with ease.

HOW: In the Edit Clip page > Click on the + on either side of the video timeline to extend the buffer.

Download SRT File for Clip Subtitles

Optimizing your videos for SEO just got easier with our new "Download SRT File" feature. Export clip transcriptions as .srt files, allowing for seamless integration with platforms like YouTube. Improve discoverability and enhance your video's search ranking effortlessly.

HOW: Edit Clip > Subtitles tab > click Download .srt

These new features represent our ongoing commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for video content optimization. In the coming months, you’ll be seeing more and more capabilities coming out of Munch, from advanced creation solutions (did anyone say “silence removal”?) to deep data analysis of your videos. Ready to elevate your content strategy? Get started with Munch today and unlock endless possibilities for your video content.

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