How to Trim TikTok Videos: 2 Easy Ways

How to Trim TikTok Videos: 2 Easy Ways

When TikTok debuted in 2016, it swiftly became a hub for short, captivating videos that seized our attention in 60 seconds. However, as the platform matured, so has the content, with many popular videos now stretching for as long as three minutes. In this comprehensive guide learn the optimal length for TikTok videos, two easy ways to trim them, and best practices for trimming videos.  

How long should TikTok videos be?

  • How long can a TikTok video be?

TikTok videos can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 30 minutes in length. The optimal length for short-form content is between 21 and 34 seconds, while the most successful long-form TikTok videos are between 2 and 3 minutes.

  • Choosing your metric to measure success

Ensure your editing style aligns with the metric you use to gauge your video's success. Keep your content goals front of mind and allow them to guide your video editing decisions. This will help you reach your content goals over time and avoid getting lost in vanity metrics. Take note of the difference between metrics like “complete views of the video” and “video views”: full watch rate tracks how many viewers watch from start to finish, while views count how many times your video has been watched. Views are counted in a split second, but getting viewers to watch until the end is a stronger indicator of highly engaging content. 

There are two main categories for TikTok video metrics: 

  • Summary of analysis (video views, likes, comments, shares)
  • Content analysis (Total video views, complete views of the video, Average viewing time)

The best TikTok video length for “video views” in 2024

According to recent data analyzing thousands of TikTok videos, the longer the video, the more views it tends to get. On average, videos between 3 to 10 minutes received the most views, followed by 2-3 minutes, then 1-2 minutes, and so on. Videos longer than 3 minutes received, on average, more than double the views of videos between 6 and 10 seconds. It’s clear that TikTok is expanding and promoting longer videos than its original one-minute capacity. 

The best TikTok video length for “complete views of the video” in 2024

In contrast, users are more likely to watch entire videos if they are shorter. So although shorter videos are best for views, it doesn’t necessarily mean that shorter videos are preferable for your audience. A study analyzing millions of TikTok videos found videos between 2 and 3 minutes get the best results when optimizing for a full watch rate. This might not seem as enticing as total views, but its value is a critical signal to the TikTok algorithm that your videos are highly engaging and worth serving on the ‘For You’ page. 

2 easy ways to trim TikTok videos

  1. Trim your video inside the TikTok app

Step 1: Open TikTok and press the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 2: Record your video or upload an existing one. 

Step 3: Play the video and hit “pause” the moment you want your clip to start. Tap the split icon on the right side of the screen. Tap the section of the video you want to remove and press “Delete.” 

  1. Use a third-party video editing app

Trim with video editing tools:
Some popular editing tools include PowerDirector, BeeCut, YouCut, Inshot, iMovie, Splice, Filmmaker Pro Video Editor, FlexClip and Adobe Premiere Rush. 

Automate trimming with AI video editing tools:
Some newer video editing tools, like Munch, CapCut, and OpusClip, use AI to automatically transform long videos into shorter, engaging clips for TikTok. As a business owner or content creator, you can save hours of editing time and repurpose long video content into shorts with the help of AI.

Choose the right tool for you
Whether you're snipping away excess footage or adding flair with effects, filters or aesthetic fonts, the right tool will take your content to the next level. Take inspiration from other content creators and businesses on TikTok and start to create your own winning formula. 

Best practices for trimming TikTok videos

Start with a strong hook
While videos over two minutes long can boost your full video watch rates and video views, the key on TikTok is a strong hook to pull your viewers' in right away. Do you plan to educate, shock or amuse your audience? Lean into that with your hook. Over 63% of top videos on TikTok highlight their main message or product within the first three seconds.

Balance video length and content
Finding the perfect balance between video length and content takes time and practice, but it is an important learning curve to grow as a creator on the platform. Make content that focuses on delivering your message clearly and quickly, trimming out any unnecessary parts that do not add value or contribute to the main point. You also want to make sure not to cut out essential details that are critical to the story or message. Striking this balance maintains viewer interest while providing meaningful content. This approach helps to retain your audience but also increases the likelihood of your videos being shared, liked, or featured on their “For You” page.

Review your video before publishing it
Before your video goes live, rewatch it through the lens of your target audience. Make sure your video makes sense to someone watching it for the first time. It’s easy to accidentally cut footage that provides valuable context, so review for clarity. 


  1. Can you trim a TikTok video after posting?

No. You’ll need to delete the video, reedit it and post it again losing any views it previously gathered. 

  1. How do you trim a TikTok video that contains pictures?

Select and upload the image or images you want to include in your TikTok video. Click on the “edit” icon and slide to adjust how long the picture will be in frame. 

  1. How do you trim a TikTok video in drafts?

In your profile, your drafts are located in the top left corner of your Collections. Select the draft you would like to edit and tap the “adjust” icon. Here you can use TikTok’s sliders to trim and split your video.

Meet Munch— The #1 AI video editing tool
Unlike traditional editing tools, Munch leverages advanced AI technology to transform lengthy videos into concise, engaging clips for TikTok. Munch’s unique features ensure that every moment is compelling. Repurposing long videos into short clips is a valuable strategy for enhancing your online presence and driving engagement. Try experimenting with AI to see how it can streamline your content creation process.

Experimentation is key
Creating the perfect TikTok video involves finding the right balance between length and content. Using strong hooks, trimming for clarity, and using effective editing tools are essential steps to ensure your videos are engaging and impactful. Whether you choose to edit directly within the TikTok app or use AI tools like Munch to speed up the process, always focus on delivering highly engaging content that resonates with your audience.

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