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How to Make YouTube Videos on a Budget | 3 Easy Tips

How to Make YouTube Videos on a Budget | 3 Easy Tips

If you're just starting out on YouTube or Instagram, you don't need to rush to invest in expensive equipment such as lighting or advanced cameras. These 3 tips will help you film like a pro on a budget.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Lighting for YouTube videos
  • Filming Youtube videos on your phone in high quality
  • Improving your video’s audio quality

Tip #1: Film a well-lit video without lighting equipment

Lighting will have the biggest impact on how sharp and high quality your video looks, even more so than the quality of the camera. You’ll notice that even the most expensive 4k camera will shoot a scene that looks blurry or low quality, if the object being filmed (for example, you) isn’t well lit.


You don’t have to buy expensive ring lights or soft boxes if you’re just starting out. You can use natural lighting by filming with your face in front of a window during a bright hour. 


The only con is - you will have to time your filming hours well to fit into the best daylight hours.

Tip #2: Film in 4K on your phone


Did you know that most smartphones today have the ability to film in 4K?


Go to your phone settings and select "4K" as the default video setting for the back camera. While it may be a bit tricky getting used to filming without seeing yourself - you shouldn’t depend on the selfie camera, which films in much lower quality.


Instead, use the back camera and test a few shots to make sure you're in the right placement to shoot when you can't see yourself - or ask a friend to help you on filming days.


Tip #3: Don’t film with the default audio input

Technically, you can record with your phone’s built-in mic, but the quality of the audio will be sub-par. Instead, if you're close to your phone, use your earphones' microphone to record yourself, or alternatively buy a basic low-cost lavalier mic with a long cable for good audio quality.


To summarize, the best tips for shooting low-cost YouTube videos in high quality are: 

  • Film in front of a window during daylight
  • Film on your phone after changing the camera to 4k settings.
  • Use a basic microphone to improve audio quality

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