How To Get Monetized on YouTube

How To Get Monetized on YouTube

What do you need to monetize your YouTube channel? What is the significance of monetization? In 2021, it is estimated that over 1 billion hours of video content will be consumed globally. On YouTube, Americans account for 62% of the audience. (GMI Blogger 2022)

Now that you have a YouTube channel, you're looking into ways to make money from it. Everyone wants to get paid for the content they make, of course. But in a world where "overnight" influencers seem to pop up everywhere, it can be scary. But here's the thing: you don't need more than a million subscribers to get paid. This article will tell you exactly what you've been looking for: how to make money from your YouTube channel so you can start getting paid to do what you love.

How to Qualify for Monetization 

According to Youtube’s “Grow with Youtube” page, you must have the following: 

  • 4,000 watched hours over the last 12 months.
  • At least 1,000 subscribers on your channel.
  • You must have an AdSense account linked to your channel. 
  • You must abide by the Youtube monetization rules and regulations. 

Once you go through this checklist and meet each one, Youtube will then verify your application. It’s important to know that Youtube will also be checking the following: 

  • Main Theme
  • Most viewed videos
  • Latest videos
  • Biggest proportion of watched time
  • Titles, Thumbnails, Descriptions  

Screenshot from Youtube video 

Because it is a lengthy process, it may take up to a month to hear back from them. However, if you meet all of the requirements, you will be well on your way to earning money from your channel (so worth it in our eyes!). 

AdSense Account

When you read that you need an AdSense account to make money from your YouTube channel, you might have been surprised and thought, "Huh?" The reason for this is that Google bought YouTube. AdSense is a way for you, as a content creator, to get paid for what you publish by showing ads that are relevant to your audience. It's nothing to worry about because the process is very simple.

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

To begin the AdSense process, navigate to "monetization" in the side menu of your YouTube Studio account. Also, make sure to enable ads for each individual video (both when uploading and retroactively for videos uploaded before you were monetized) in order to begin earning revenue from those videos.

To do this:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to YouTube Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Content.
  4. Select a video.
  5. In the left menu, select Monetization.
  6. Choose the type of ad that you want to run.
  7. Click Save.

Rejected Application

If you follow the rules above and meet the requirements, there shouldn't be any reason to turn you down. But don't worry if it does happen! The denial will tell you why the process didn't work and what you need to change. You have 30 days to make the changes. You can reapply. If you have videos that are giving you trouble that you can't fix, it's best to get rid of them.

Get Paid With Youtube Monetization

One of the most effective ways to market in 2022 is to create videos for brand awareness or influencer status. It's also a way to make money using YouTube's fantastic monetization feature. You have the potential to go viral and earn passive income if you work hard enough.

Growing your YouTube channel is a great place to start if monetization is your goal and you want to start being a part of the Creator Economy. The more you promote your channel, the more views you'll get, which will lead to more subscribers. The more opportunities you have to monetize yourself, the better.

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