The Best Way to Edit TikTok Videos: 10 Expert Tips [2024]

The Best Way to Edit TikTok Videos: 10 Expert Tips [2024]

The Best Way to Edit TikTok Videos: 10 Expert Tips [2024]

Thanks to TikTok's intuitive editing tools, anyone can effortlessly transform ordinary iPhone footage into mesmerizing content. In today's dynamic social media landscape, TikTok stands out as a premier platform for content creators and business owners, offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with a global audience. However, creating impactful content that resonates on the platform requires more than just filming and posting. Whether you're a seasoned creator or new to TikTok, mastering video editing is essential for building a loyal audience and leaving a lasting impact. In this guide, we'll delve into 10 essential editing best practices aimed at maximizing engagement with your TikTok videos.

10 tips for creating viral TikTok videos

  1.  TikTok editing basics 

  • Open the TikTok app and tap ‘+’ to start.
  • Choose your video’s length between 15 seconds - 10 minutes.
  • Hit the record button or select from your camera roll.
  • Tap ‘Edit’ to trim and rearrange clips.
  • Customize advanced settings like captions, gifs, and visual effects.
  • Select a cover image and post or save it as a draft.

  1.  Embrace TikTok's short format

  • The goal: Grab the viewer's attention in the first few seconds.
  • Focus on a single idea or theme per video.
  • There’s no “one size fits all” when picking the perfect video duration.
  • Keep transitions quick and seamless to maintain viewer interest throughout the video.

Find the sweet spot between optimizing for TikTok short format without compromising on storytelling. Try out an AI editing tool like Munch to automatically edit your long-form videos into high-value quick clips that pack a punch.

  1. Utilize editing tools wisely
  • Trim excess footage to keep your video concise and engaging.
  • Crop your video to fit TikTok's vertical aspect ratio (9:16).
  • Add subtitles or captions to make your content accessible without sound.

Experiment with effects sparingly to enhance your video's visual appeal without overwhelming the viewer. Visual effects are grouped into categories like portrait, landscape, food, and vibe.

  1.  Spotlight attention-grabbing moments

  • Start with a hook that immediately captures your viewer’s interest.
  • Use editing techniques like slow motion or dramatic zooms to emphasize key moments and create visual impact.
  • Repurpose existing videos by handpicking the most captivating short clips. Simplify video repurposing with Munch’s advanced AI capabilities, saving you valuable time and effort.

  1. Stay trendy

  • Regularly browse TikTok's Discover page to stay updated on trending challenges, memes, and sounds.
  • Put your unique spin on popular trends to make your content stand out while still being relevant.
  • Participate in hashtag challenges to increase your video's discoverability and potential for virality.

To really get inspired, dive into trending topics and hashtags within your niche so you can share your take with the community. 

  1. Understand TikTok's algorithm (or at least try)
  • Analyze your video insights to understand what types of content resonate best with your audience.
  • Post when your audience is most active to increase the chances of your video appearing on their “For You” page.
  • Engage with trending hashtags and sounds your audience is interested in to boost your video's visibility and reach.

  1. Encourage interaction
  • Use TikTok's interactive features like polls, questions, and challenges to prompt engagement from your viewers.
  • Respond to comments and engage with your audience to foster a sense of community around your content.
  • Collaborate with other creators to cross-promote each other's content and expand your reach.
  • Engage with your audience by including questions from comments and answering them in your video using TikTok’s Q&A feature.
  • Enhance your reach by collaborating through “duets,” a unique feature on TikTok that allows users to create content alongside others and team up with fellow creators.

  1. Maintain consistency
  • Establish a posting schedule and stick to it to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Develop a recognizable visual style and tone that aligns with your brand or personal identity.
  • Repurpose content from other platforms or longer videos to maintain a steady flow of content without sacrificing quality or creativity.


  1. What are some tips for filming successful TikTok videos?
    Filming successful TikTok videos involves capturing attention in the first few seconds, keeping content concise, and staying true to your unique style.

    Here are some tips for filming successful TikTok videos:

  • Hook viewers' attention in the first few seconds.
  • Keep videos short and engaging, focusing on a single theme or idea. 
  • Be yourself! Let your own authentic voice and perspective shine.
  • Use trending sounds, effects, and challenges to tap into the moment.
  • Experiment with different angles, lighting, and perspectives to keep it visually interesting.

  1. Can you edit a TikTok video after posting?
    No, once a TikTok video is posted, you can’t edit it. However, you can delete the original post and re-upload an edited version. 

  1. Is it better to edit videos on TikTok or on an external app?
    It’s up to you. TikTok offers a range of editing tools and effects that are convenient for quick edits and simple enhancements. However, if you want to speed up editing while still capturing the most important moments from your videos, try an external AI editing tool. 

Give it a shot and learn as you go

TikTok is an important platform for content creators and business owners. So, mastering the art of TikTok video editing is essential to making an impact, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Try out these 10 expert tips we’ve covered above and take note of what works best for you. It can be hard to predict “virality.” However, using best practices like these, tapping into the current trends, and letting your unique perspective shine is a good step in the right direction. Above all, becoming consistent in your editing practice and uploading regularly will help your channel, content, and business soar. 

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