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5 Task Planning Apps for Productivity

5 Task Planning Apps for Productivity

As a content creator, you only have so much time. With these project scheduling tools, you can make sure that your tasks are organized, which will make you feel less stressed and give you more time to do things outside of social media.

Being a content creator can be more than a full-time job, and you may often feel overwhelmed and have to jump from one task to another. Having a content plan makes a world of a difference. It keeps you on-brand, on-track, and on-time. Here are five social media scheduling tools that could help you.

#1 Todoist

Todoist is a new app that you can get for free. It allows you to easily manage and create tasks using customizable templates or a dashboard that you can customize. This app will keep you focused and organized no matter where you go. You can download a free version or pay as little as $5.00 per month for additional features such as reminders and auto theme uploads.

#2 has been a leading app in the scheduling/planning world with over 30 million users and 10 years of launch. They recently posted a blog letting users know that they are ready to evolve with the workforce. Since the pandemic, the working environment has shifted from in-office to remote. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular as employers and businesses see increased productivity and happier employees. That is why is now offering a business account with a monthly subscription. The workspace will include integrations with Trello, Clickup,, and Asana, allowing you to manage your entire team's projects in real time. This is an excellent app not only for you, but also for your entire team (if you have one!).

#3 FacileThings 

FacileThings is a professional planner designed to help businesses reduce stress. They employ GTD®, a self-management methodology (getting things done). It enables you to establish a work routine that manages all aspects of your personal productivity. FacileThings helps you manage your entire life by providing calendars, daily to-do lists, and notifications.

They have five things that they value in the process: 

  1. Capture
  2. Clarify
  3. Organize
  4. Reflect 
  5. Engage 

#4 Google Tasks

Everyone likes free! Google Tasks is just that, free. Despite its simplicity, this app is effective in assisting you in planning your tasks for the coming days. You can manage, edit, and create tasks while on the go. You can also access tasks directly from your inbox. You can add due dates and iOS notifications, as well as organize your daily tasks by importance using drag and drop features.

#5 TickTick Premium 


TickTick has a great free option, but if you want to get down to business, the premium option is the way to go!  Below is a chart that clearly shows the key differences between the free and premium TikTik accounts.


This app has many of the same features as the previous recommended apps, such as calendar view, task management, notifications, and so on. However, it does have a useful feature that makes creating tasks easier and more manageable while on the go. Voice input is that feature! You can create a task by speaking into the app and pressing the "+" symbol. You can also make sure you don't miss important notifications by checking the box next to "Annoying Alerts." Needless to say, this is a fun app to use to make managing tasks and projects easier. 

Being a content creator can be a luxurious job with seemingly endless free time! However, in practice, it can be overwhelming and more akin to a new type of full-time job. You can make more time to do what you love by organizing your days, prioritizing tasks, and using different scheduling hacks like these planning apps. You will notice that as you complete each task, you will feel lighter as your workload appears to decrease each day. Hopefully, it will allow you to be consistent and to stay on-brand as you build your online business. Another productivity hack for you if you need help repurposing your content! You can GetMunch, submit a link, and voila! Your new creations will be available on your personal dashboard.

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