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4 Ways to Make YouTube Videos Faster

4 Ways to Make YouTube Videos Faster

If you’re trying to figure out how to be a Youtuber without burning out on content creation - these tips are for you! Planning ahead and being strategic with your content creation process will save you hundreds of hours of repetitive work.

In this article, we’ll talk about these following strategies:

  • Planning your b-roll and thumbnails ahead of filming.
  • Batching your entire upload process.
  • Splitting topics into 3-part series.
  • Finding endless video topic ideas.
  • Multiplying your content.

Plan Your B-Roll and Thumbnail Images Before Filming

If you’ve been editing videos for a while now, you probably notice that you can become very productive when you’re in the “flow state” of repetitive tasks such as trimming and deleting parts of your video.

Now imagine those pesky moments in between when you realize you are missing a visual to demonstrate a part of your video or some sort of b-roll to make the video more engaging.

Instead of stopping in the middle of editing to film the b-roll (which may require you to dress up or even head outside and set up props), plan your b-roll ahead of time so that you can get all of your footage done in one filming day!

The same goes for your thumbnail. If you try to simply screenshot a portion of your video retroactively in order to get a good thumbnail image, you’re likely to end up with a mediocre thumbnail at most and it will take a long time to scroll through the footage to find a good scene. 

Instead, after filming, take multiple pictures with various facial expressions or scenes that could be relevant to your thumbnail.

Batch Every Step of Your Upload Process

It takes a lot of mental energy and time to refocus when you’re switching between different tasks. 

For example, you would need to be in a creative and energetic mood to film, but you’ll need a very focused setting to edit videos.

Setting up the equipment for each step is also a hassle. If you were to set one day for filming, you would save up all the time needed to set up your gear.

Preferably, you should create a checklist of your process from planning to upload - and batch every part of the process, not just filming. You should have a keyword research day, a scripting day, etc.

Split Topics Into 3-Part Series

Splitting your topics gives you several advantages:

  1. You can create more content from the same ideas.
  2. Your videos will be more niched down and searchable by specific sub-topics (a.k.a. - easier to rank).
  3. You’ll increase your channel engagement (because your audience will binge-watch the whole series).
  4. You can film one long video in a single sitting and simply chop it up into several videos when editing.

Poll Your Audience for Questions and Ideas

Use the poll feature on various social media platforms.

What questions come up often? What do clients/friends ask you often?

Keep a bank of ideas of questions that repeat themselves when you get stuck on deciding on YouTube video topics.

Use Repurposing Tools

Repurposing tools can create multiple content pieces from one video, so that you can upload your content to various platforms like blog posts, Instagram and TikTok without recreating content for each platform separately. 

This will free up your time and allow you to focus on your YouTube videos!

For example, on you can upload your YouTube video link, and in a few clicks receive short form videos for social media as well as a perfectly curated blog post without rewriting your script or learning how to create content that’s better suited for Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Each platform requires a different style, different video length and proportions. All this will be taken care of automatically with Munch.


To summarize, if you want to speed up your content creation process, you should:

  1. Batch each step like a factory line.
  2. Plan ahead every scene and image you will need.
  3. Keep building a bank of ideas.

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