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4 Affordable Products for Youtubers

4 Affordable Products for Youtubers

If you want to update your YouTube setup without breaking the bank, these four products will provide a significant upgrade for less than $100 each.

Your YouTube channel has gained more views and subscribers recently. Now you are looking to improve your YouTube setup. However, you have one obstacle: money! We get it. Not everyone can afford the kinds of setups seen on MrBeast and similar channels. However, this does not limit you from having a professional setup or producing high-quality videos. Here are four inexpensive Youtube-setup products that won't break the budget.

Rode Shotgun Microphone

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The most important component of your setup should be a high-quality microphone. You want sound of excellent quality. This inexpensive microphone is lightweight, compact, and of great quality; it will meet all of your audio demands. No battery is required, just a simple plug in and record. It also has an integrated Rycote® Lyre® shock mounting system that isolates it from external vibrations and a high-density windscreen for windy conditions.

Softbox Lighting 

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To really look professional and have a great YouTube setup, you’ll want good lighting. Softbox lighting can look like it’s expensive, but in reality there are more affordable options! Softbox lighting can help improve the quality of your videos. Softbox lighting can control the direction of the light, soften your appearance, and improve redness and even blemishes if set up properly (who doesn’t like to look good on camera!?). 

Remote Control 

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You will save time by incorporating a controller into your YouTube setup. Instead of getting up and setting up the camera between clips, you can simply press record or stop recording whenever you want. This prevents camera shake and out-of-focus shots and allows for smooth, continuous shooting. This tool will assist you in completing your setup faster and with less editing time.

Charging Chord

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One of the most inconvenient aspects of content production is when cameras fail. I'm sure you've heard horror stories about Youtubers and Influencers filming without realizing their camera died mid-stream and losing an hour's worth of footage. You can prevent this from happening by simply buying a long charging chord. 

In reality most successful Youtubers become successful not because of their setup, but because they genuinely love what they do. That being said, having a professional setup will obviously help. Don’t worry about spending all your money! With the 4 tools you are sure to have a professional Youtube setup for a low cost. If you want to get the most out of your content, we recommend repurposing your already made videos. Munch is a great (and free) solution for this. After signing up on the GetMunch website, you can submit a link to your Youtube video. The AI grabs engaging parts from your video and turns it into TikToks and Reels. Don’t forget to like! Comment below what tools you use in your Youtube setup. 

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