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3 Tools to Transcribe Audio for Free

3 Tools to Transcribe Audio for Free

Now you can automatically transcribe audio to text without having to manually listen and type!

In this article, we’ll talk about 

  • How to use Google Docs to transcribe audio to text
  • How to use notes on your phone as a transcribe audio app
  • How to use an AI tool to easily transcribe audio to text and even turn your YouTube videos into blog posts

Using Google Docs to transcribe audio to text

Google Docs is not a mere word processor. You can also use it to automate the painstaking process of transcribing audio. To do that, just use the Voice Typing feature.

With a Google Doc open, go to Tools, then click on Voice Typing. A large microphone button will appear, and you will see a few pulsating dots to indicate that Google Docs is currently recording audio. Google Voice Typing will automatically “type” what it hears through your computer’s microphone. If the content you want to transcribe is playing, Google Docs will type the words out. 

Just make sure the audio or video is playing through your computer's speakers, not through headphones. Alternatively, you can play the content on your phone and place it close to your computer’s microphone.

Using Notes on your phone as a transcribe audio app

Almost every modern smartphone has a note-taking app and a software keyboard that allows dictation. Essentially, you’re always carrying a free audio transcribing software (and hardware) in your pocket.

To use this method, play the audio or video content on your computer. Again, make sure the sound is coming out of the speakers. Then, on your phone’s keyboard, tap the microphone icon. This activates its voice typing function, and it will type out what it hears from the audio playing from your computer.

Using Munch to transcribe audio to text and more!

Voice typing and dictation technology is far from perfect. It is prone to mistakes, especially if the quality of your device’s speakers or microphone is only average. There is a much simpler way to transcribe audio.

This is where Munch comes in. Using a proprietary, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI), Munch not only transcribes audio but also transforms it into a usable, reader-friendly blog post. If you’re a content creator who has a constant need to repurpose videos, try Munch to convert your YouTube videos to blog posts easily, for free.


To summarize, you can transcribe audio to text for free easily using these tools:

  • Google Docs (through Voice Typing)
  • Your phone’s Notes app and the dictation feature of the keyboard
  • Munch

Repurposing video content should not be that hard. With these tools in hand, you will be on your way to get more work done in less time.

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