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3 Free, Easy-to-Use Editing Software for YouTube

3 Free, Easy-to-Use Editing Software for YouTube

When it comes to creating a YouTube video, nothing’s easy. Perhaps the hardest part, however, is the editing. Sure, coming up with a new idea for content that’s original is difficult, but it’s no match for editing. After filming hours of content, you’re tasked with selecting the best parts and polishing them.

Well fear no more! I’m here yet again to offer tips, tricks, and a guide, this time for editing software. Without further ado, here are three of the best video editing software that are simple, easy to use, and better yet, free!

1.     Lightworks

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A non-linear editing software, Lightworks has been hailed by the pros. The recipient of a 2017 Emmy award and much acclaim, Lightworks has even been used to edit movies headed by some of Hollywood’s most prestigious directors, including Quentin Tarantino, Baz Luhrmann (twice), and even Martin Scorsese.

By this point you’re probably wondering if Scorsese is aware that his Oscar-winning work is the product of a free editing software. So, a quick disclaimer: There’s also a paid version of Lightworks. But, it does not differ from the paid version in terms of its features and functions, only in terms of output.

What this means is that as long as you want to keep on producing videos intended for YouTube, you’re completely in the clear. If you want to start producing feature films, on the other hand, get ready to cough up $24.99 a month.

Another perk of the software? Its ability to edit in real time. Users have the ability to immediately identify the consequences of their actions. People have claimed the software isn’t as ‘intuitive’ to use as other editing software though, so that’s something to keep in mind. But, again, the beauty of free software is you can try ‘em all.

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2.     Adobe Premiere Rush

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If you’re anything like me, you think of anything with the name Adobe attached to it as the antithesis of free. But, as the website says, Adobe Premiere Rush is “Fun, intuitive [take that, Lightworks], and as fast as social media.”

In terms of easy access, Adobe Premiere Rush has got it. It’s downloadable on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, meaning that users have the ability to edit their video everywhere and from any device.

Just like Munch, Adobe Premiere Rush offers smooth transitions from landscape to portrait orientation. Furthermore, uploading your finished product to social media platforms is pretty easy; all it takes is one-click.

If you’re looking for something speedy, however, plan ahead: Premiere Rush is a little slow when it comes to letting you view previews of your work, regardless of if you’re on a computer or a mobile device. And, if you’re a transition lover, this is your sign to look elsewhere, as the latest rollout of the software only has three in-app transitions available. All currently available transitions are also more rudimentary.

It’s not all bad, not at all. For a free service, Adobe Premiere Rush is incredibly extensive in most areas. It gives users a lot of agency when it comes to editing their videos. On top of this, you can import videos from your camera roll and even shoot directly within the app, for true on-the-go content creation.

If you fall in love with the app, the pro version is $9.99 a month or $20.99 a month as a part of the Premiere Pro subscription. As a part of the Creative Cloud subscription (a larger bundle), the software is $52.99 a month (Again, Adobe is pretty darn expensive).

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3.     iMovie

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Unfortunately, Apple does not yet produce a version of iMovie suited for non-Apple products. But, for those lucky Apple enthusiasts, most of you probably already have iMovie downloaded on your device, as many come with the software pre-installed. Boom, one less thing to do when it comes to using iMovie, unless, of course, the thing is buying an Apple device.

As someone who used iMovie for countless projects, I can certifiably tell you that the interface is incredibly easy to use, even for the most novice of users.

In terms of intra-app features, iMovie gives you a wide range of options. Plenty of copyright-free music is available, there is a wide range of transitions, and if anything confuses you, iMovie offers lots of tutorials. Also, it’s pretty seamless when it comes to sharing your videos, a perk for YouTubers.

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While Lightworks, Adobe Premiere Rush, and iMovie all help significantly cut down the time editors spend in the studio, there’s still room for progress. If you’re in need of a break or just a little lazy and looking for the type of program that allows users to do zero editing, boy do I have a product for you: Munch.  

“What? Munch? You guys?”  

Yep, us! Munch! The AI-based editing software next door! Editing a YouTube video takes work; who wants to do even more after that in order to tailor the same lump of content into shorter forms of content like a TikTok? I certainly wouldn’t.

With Munch, I don’t have to. All it takes is copying, pasting, and clicking. Simply submit the YouTube video you published into Munch’s servers and let us do the rest.

Our unique, one-of-a-kind AI scans your video for the most engaging parts, formats it into a short video of your desired length, and transitions the video from landscape to portrait orientation in the process. And, we, too, do it for free, no catch involved. What are you waiting for? Head over to to start repurposing your video content!

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