From Long-Form to Trending Clips: How the Munch Effect Works

Innovative, adaptive video technology that transforms extensive content into engaging trends. Leveraged by brands and creators for optimized viewer experience and retention.
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Easily customized dashboard

Watching & Analyzing Your Video (without taking a bathroom break)

Munch’s uses a multi-modalengine to analyze both sound and picture of what’s actually going on in the video, take in vocal cues, find key scenes and even detect tone and sentiment.


Extracting & Refining Clips (and removing the boring parts)

Next, our AI pulls out as many usable clips as possible, and then apply strict refinement to make sure you’re getting unique, distinct and successful clips.

Adding that AI “Magic” (that’s what you’ll tell your friends)

This is where we add everything that will make your video stage-ready: subtitles, cropping for aspect ratio, generating social posts, and perform keyword and trend analysis.


Saving the Best for First (these are the clips you were looking for)

The last step is making sure you see the best clips - with the highest trending potential - at the top of the list, while still being able to browse through the clips Munch has created for you.


Dozens of ready-to-share, beautiful and engaging clips, from just one long-form video source

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Upscale your content strategy.

Extract the most out of your existing content and improve engagment.
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